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Jörn 1
OST Gladiator - The battle
Pruissane - Gloria
Sephiroth - Wolftribes
Triore - Time has come
Fever ray - Keep the streets empty
OST Sucker punch - Sweet dreams
Genevier P. - 2 Intro
Klinik - Sick in your mind
Grauzone - Träume mit mir
Fad Gadget - Back to nature

SeptemberGK 1
Frank (just Frank) - The Closet Song
Detachments - Audio Video
Kite - It's Ours
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse
Tod in Venedig - Come Before Christ And Murder Love
Triore - No Tears Are Shed For You And Me
Letzter Wille - Durch Lorbeeren
November Növelet - Magic
Lebanon Hanover - Babes Of The 80'S (Original)
Velvet Condom - Kalter Lippenstift
Light Asylum - Dark Allies
Acid Pauli feat. Johny Cash - I see Dark(er)ness
David Bowie - Cat People

Olli 1
The Sisters of Mercy - Nine While Nine
Velvet Condom - Samt Und Stein
She Wants Revenge - Tear You Apart
The Plasmareds - Getanzte Lebenszeit
Editors - Papillon
Apoptygma Berzerk - Non-Stop Violence
Depeche Mode - Personal Jesus
Project Pitchfork - Conjure
DAF - Der Mussolini
Joachim Witt - Der goldene Reiter
Ina Deter - Neue Männer braucht das Land
Scary Bitches - Lesbian Vampires From Outer Space
Joy Division - Transmission
Alien Sex Fiend - Ignore the Machine

Jörn 2
Tod in Venedig - Felder
Warsaw - Failures
Fliehende Stürme - Sturm
Diva destruction - The broken ones
She Past Away - Kasvetli Kutlama
Westbam feat Brian Molko - Sick
Malaria! vs. Chicks On Speed - Kaltes Klares Wasser
The Smiths - Bigmouth strikes again

SeptemberGK 2
Tod in Venedig - Rose Clouds
Mental Measuretech - Turtle Tecall III
Paul Lemos & Joe Papa - Tormentor's Song
Predominance - Luftschiffe
Joy Division - Decades
The KVB - Always Then
Led Er Est - Port isabel
Tempers - Strange Harvest
We Are Temporary - Lana Del Rey - Gods & Monsters
Austra - Beat and the Pulse

Olli 2
Sixth June - Never Leave Me
Letzter Wille - Immer
Das M - 21 Sturzflug Durch Das Weltbild
AvonRim - Ferienzeit (MassendefeCt RMX)
Ascii Disko - Strassen
The Sisters of Mercy - Alice
Fields of the Nephilim - Love Under Will
The Cure - Just Like Heaven
Xmal Deutschland - Incubus Succubus II
Ideal - Blaue Augen
The Bolshoi - Lindy's Party
NoRMAhl - Trümmertango
Slime - Schweineherbst
Broilers - Ruby light & dark
Mono Für Alle - Amoklauf
Tuxedomoon - No tears

Jörn 3
Type O Negative - I Don't Wanna Be Me
Iggy Pop - I wanna be your dog
Nick Cave - Weeping song
Grauzone - Eisbär
Propaganda - Dr. Mabuse
Talk talk - Such a shame

Olli 3
Alphaville - Big In Japan
Fad Gadget - Back To Nature (Reprise)
IAMX - The Great Shipwreck Of Life
Goldene Zitronen - Für immer Punk                
Another Tale - Idiot 

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