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1. Set Kampfzwerg
Anne Clark - Sleeper in Metropolis
Days of Sorrow - I travel
Alien Skull Paint - Nobody dies twice
All gone dead - Newspeak
No More - Suicide Commando
John Foxx - Underpass*
Depeche Mode - Stripped
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel
London after Midnight - Kiss
Still Silent - Shockwaved
Click Click - Sweet stuff*
Fliehende Stürme - Satellit*
Joy Division - She's lost control*
Christian Death - Spiritual Cramp

1. Set Tino
Ikon - Fall apart
Red Zebra - Spit on the city
Ulterior - Too in love to fuck
Kirlian Camera - Blue Room*
Derniere Volonte - L'ombre des revient
Death in June - The calling
Object Urian - Chamber Music
Kraftwerk - Radioaktivität*
Sixth June - Oh no things are burning
Silvia - Zuerst ich
Gary Numan - Cars
Boytronic - Luna square
Rational Youth - Holiday in Silesia
Oppenheimer Analysis - Devil Dancer
The Merry Thoughts - Pale Empress
Adverts - Gary Gilemores Eyes

1. Set Cassandra
Die Ärzte - Sweet sweet Gwendoline
New Order - True Faith
A Flock of Seagulls - Wishing
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence
The Sisters of Mercy - Heartland
The Mission - Wasteland
Placebo - Battle for the sun*
Ein Wunsch
David Draiman - Forsaken
Nine Inch Nails - Terrible lie
Die Form - Bite of god
Diary of Dreams - The wedding

2. Set Kampfzwerg
Silke Bischoff - Under your skin
Deine Lakaien - Dark Star
Einstürzende Neubauten - Haus der Lüge
Tuxedomoon - No tears
Malaria - Kaltes klares Wasser
The Sisters of Mercy - A rock and a hard place
Siouxsie and the Banshees - Cascade*
Xmal Deutschland - Orient
Sex Gang Children - Sebastian
Lotus Feed - Room with a view
Sandow - Born in GDR
Broilers - Ruby light & dark*

2. Set Tino
Resurex - Graveyard girl*
Zombie Ghost Train - RIP
Silvia - Nowa Alexandria*
Billy Idol - Dancing with myself
Ghost Dance - Last train
The Cure - Grinding halt*
Killing Joke - Follow the leader
The Doors - Break on though
The Smith - Girlfriend in a coma*
Days of Sorrow (die zweite) - I travel immernoch*
Detachment - I don't want to play*
Claire Obscure - Toundra
Puhdys - Geh zu ihr

Zur Playlistübersicht