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Eden House - to beleave in something
Cadra Ash - Call To Remembrance
MASK - Cruel Summer
Depeche Mode - Puppets
A-HA - Train of thoughts
Sixth June - Everytime
Behind the scenes - Hate the day
The Last Dance - Nightmares
London After Midnight - Shatter
She past away - Monoton

The Cure - Pictures of you
Sisters of Mercy - No time to cry
The Mission - Severina
Joy Division - Dead Souls
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Hong Kong Garden
New Order - True Faith
Depeche Mode - Enjoy the silence
Kirlian Camera - Eclipse

Silke Bischoff - Auf der Otter-seite
Deine Lakaien - Return
Ikon - Fall apart
Sisters of Mercy - Dominion /Mother Russia
Lotus Feed - Room with a view
Escape with romeo - Somebody
The 69 Eyes - Lost Boys
Placebo - Every me every you

Burn - Burn for you
Marilyn Manson - Death song
Die Ärzte - Hurra
DI6 - Kleines schwarzes Geflügel
ORE - Dreaming of my scarlett woman
Fire&Ice - Blood on the snow
Letzer Wille - Au traver
Kraftwerk - Das Model
Grauzone - Träume mit mir
Hubert Kah - Sternenhimmel
A-Ha - Scoundrel Days

Camouflage - Love is a shield
Talk Talk - Such a shame
Soft Cell - Sex Dwarf
Boytronic - You
Project Pitchfork - Souls
Die Form - Bite of god
Still Silent - Shockwaved
Nocternal Emission - Don't beleave its over
Blaue Reiter - Eyes of the lost
ORE - Seduced by the ...
Smith - Bigmouth strikes again
Pink turns blue - Walking on both sides

Pixies - Wo is my Hirn
Little Nemo - New Flood
Lars Falk - Doors
Trisomie 21 - Last song
The Cure - Charlotte Sometimes
Shock Therapie - Hase is just a 4 letter word
Alien Sex Fiend - I walk the line

Johnny Cash - I walk the line
Southern Death Cult - Moya
Theature of hate - Original sin
In the nursery - Blueprint
Faith & the muse - Nine dragons
Project Pitchfork - Carnival
Skinny Puppy - Worlock
Die Krupps - High tech low life
Fad Gadget - Rickeys hand
Tiamat - Cain

Type O Negative - My girlfriends girlfriend
London After Midnight - Spider & the fly
Broilers - Meine Sache
4 Promille - Ich werd mich ändern
Dead Kennedys - Holiday in cambodia
Bipp - Lied 3
Guerre Froide - Demain Berlin
Joy Division - Shadowplay
Chameleons - Paper tiger
A Flock of seagulls - I ran
Bolshoi - Lindys Party
The Cure - A forest
Sisterhood - Giving ground

Lebe im Mai - She said kapputt
Sol Invictus - Long live dead
Triarii - Roses 4 Rome
Christian Death - Venus in furs
City - Window
Peter Schilling - Major Tom
Falco - Mutter der Mann mit dem Koks ist da (in Memory of: Alle Drogenleichen und deren Freunde die nicht schlauer werden)

Zur Playlistübersicht