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1. Set Tino:
Ulterior - Sister speed
Age of heaven - Red roses
Play Dead - Witnesses
Jesus & Mary Chain - April skies
Love Like Blood - Decades
Fields of the Nephilim - For her light
Zeraphine - Be my rain
Behind the scenes - Free
Escape with romeo - Somebody
Mysery Lab - Children of the poor
O. Children - Ruin
Nin Inch Nails - Sin

1. Set Kampfzwerg:
Marilyn Manson - Sweet Dreams
The Creatures - Exterminating Angel
Joy Division - Transmission
The Mission - Wasteland
The Cure - Charlotte sometimes
London After Midnight - Shatter
Sisters of mercy - This Corrosion
The Arch - Babsi ist tot
Light Asylum - Dark Allies
Böse Musik - Der anruf (bei Michael K. 2)
Noch Bösere Musik - la Fete est finie
Rome - Kriegsgötter
:OTWATM: - Nighttime in Sonnenheim
Ordo R. Equlilibrium - 4 Roses
Project Pitchfork - Requiem
Die Form - Bite of god

1. Set Cassandra:
Skinny Puppy - Assimilate
The Invisible spirit - Push
Nine Inch Nails - Terrible lie
John Foxx - Underpass
Depeche Mode - Master and Servent
Deine Lakaien - Over and done
Silke Bischoff - On the Otter side
Wolfsheim - Sparrows and the Nightingale
Lars Falk - Doors
IAMX - Think of England
Placebo - Pure Morning
Killing Joke - Love like blood
Pink Turns blue - Walking on both sides

2. Set Tino:
Vendemian - All is lost
Ikon - Fall apart
Siouxsie & the Banshees - Cities in dust
The Cold - Summernight
Walls of Voodoo - Mexican Radio
Jave Everett - Bad things
Backworld - Destroying angels
Böse Band - le source
Rome - Spanish drummer
ORE - Hell is where the heart is
In the Nursery - Silent in time
Zola Jesus - Night
Fliehende Stürme - Machinentrauma
Ramones - Beat on the brat
Sex Pistols - God save the queen
Toten Hosen - Dirty Pictures
Böse Band - Ackerland
Project Pitchfork - Lambras
Oomph - Der neue Gott

2. Set René
Das Ich - Gottes Tod
Malaria! - Kaltes klares wasser
X-Mal Deutschland - Incubus Sukkubus II
Cinema Strange - Nighfalls
Christian Death - Evening falls
Bipp - Lied 3
Guerre Froide - Demain Berlin
Austra - Beat and the pulse
Gleitzeit - Ich komme aus der DDR
Ruth - Polaroid Roman Picture
Fad Gadget - For whom the bells toll
Nocturnal Emissions - Don't believe it's over
Der Blaue Reiter - Eyes of the lost
Rome - A burden of flowers
In slaghter natives - You are the dead
Click Click - Clang (Remix)
Depeche Mode - Photographic
Grauzone - Hinter den zwergen

3. Set Tino:
Indochine - l'aventurier
Charles de Goal - Envers-Endroid
Die Ärzte - Wie am ersten Tag
QEK Junior - Neue Ästetik
Kraftwerk - Trans Europa Express
Joy Division - Shadowplay
Kirlian Camera - River of no return

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